Why Choose Me?

Whether it is my extensive and broad experiences or my unique ability to draw the attention of my audience, I strongly believe that I am the ideal speaker for your audience. Below are a few highlighted reasons supporting my belief.

  1. YEARS OF VALUABLE EXPERIENCE – 10+ years of experience speaking and empowering people ranging in age, professions, and backgrounds (elementary, middle, high, college, grad school, young professionals, at-risk, formerly incarcerated, etc.).
  2. PERSONAL CONNECTION TO MESSAGE – Personal experiences of resilience, perseverance, dedication, commitment, successes and failures that are all tailored in a way to educate and empower the audience. I have lived every lesson and failure shared and aim to educate others on how to learn and grow in similar and greater ways.
  3. UNIQUE PERSPECTIVE – Throughout my professional career, I have played, and continue to play, numerous roles- lawyer, entrepreneur, teacher of grades 5 through 12, college professor, educational consultant, former program manager, employer and mentor. With this wide array of experiences, I offer a very unique perspective to the topics discussed as well as in the insight and advice offered.
  4. DELIVERABLES – Each presentation includes a clear and inspirational message with deliverables that the audience can take and immediately apply in their own lives. The audience will be equipped and empowered to make the necessary changes to improve their lives.
  5. PROFESSIONAL APPEARANCE AT ALL TIMES! – As a professional, I take great pride and attention to detail in my appearance. From the suit and tie, to the shirt and shoes- I exemplify a true professional and carry the same sense of professionalism in everything that I do.