As we embark on a new decade, many people are hoping for changes and envisioning the achievement of goals and successes. It will not take long to determine who will fulfill all they envision and who will fall short.

I want to be of support to ensure that dreams are achieved, goals are met, and success is achieved. Whether you are a high school administrator, college program director, youth advocate in a not-for-profit, or manager of a community-based organization, I want to support you and your community by offering my insight, advice and support!!

Below are some of the core workshops and presentations offered-SUCCESS PLANNING – Most people fail to achieve a goal because they lacked a proper plan of action to achieve the goal. As a professional, I have come to truly value how strategic planning has helped me to achieve success. In this workshop, participants will learn the power of
success planning as well as identify the obstacles that get in the way of achieving success. In addition, participants will do a preliminary short-term and long-term plan for success including specific steps that must be taken to get there.

THE POWER OF CHOICE – Every day we are placed in a position to make a choice. Some of these choices can create a ripple effect and change the outlook of our day, our week, or even our life. Knowing this, how much time and energy do we put in the power of these choices? Where does this power of choice end? Ultimately, when viewed from the right lens, we can understand that success on any level is also a matter of choice.

YOUNG MEN’S EMPOWERMENT – In my experience, there is often a lack of male role models in schools and sometimes in the home. Young men often rely on the teachings and advice of peers which can result in negative and harmful decisions and behaviors. It is my passion to empower these young men and provide a positive example through my personal story and experiences. The workshop will cover several topics such as developing good character, masculinity, the value of education and community service, and building positive relationships.“THE HARD FACTS ABOUT SOFT SKILLS” – As discussed in my self-published book, The Hard Facts About Soft Skills, soft skills have increasingly become the most demanded characteristics of employees in the workforce. It is critical to understand what soft skills are and how to develop a stronger foundation on these necessary skills. In addition, there will be a focus
on the most critical soft skills needed to become successful, ranging from emotional intelligence, networking, personal branding, and professional handshakes. Copies of my book can be included as part of the workshop.

And many more!!!


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“We had the honor and pleasure of having Richard Celestin, Esq. as our keynote speaker at our 2018 commencement ceremony. Mr. Celestin was an engaging speaker for adolescents entering a new stage of life. Mr. Celestin had our student’s captivated with his story of his upbringing in Queens and his experiences as a student with the NYCDOE. He spoke of educators not believing in him and thinking he wouldn’t amount to much. Mr. Celestin spoke of his hard work and that our students should invest in themselves. He used the game of chess as metaphor for life and that making the right moves will help you succeed. He told students to believe in themselves even when others don’t. I think one of the most important things Mr. Celestin instilled on our students who are predominately black and brown students, about the importance of creating a space for yourself in the world. As an educator at John Bowne HS for over 18 years, Mr. Celestin by far the best and most engaging and inspiring speaker we have ever had, a sentiment that was shared with me by many other staff members.”

Naomi Eutsy – Assistant Principal, John Bowne High SchoolTHE HARD FACTS ABOUT SOFT SKILLS
Despite its name, soft skills are increasingly becoming the hard skills of today’s professional world. It is not enough to be highly trained in technical skills without understanding and developing the softer, interpersonal, and relationship-building skills that are critical for professional growth.